Monday, August 8, 2011

BOO Banner

It may be a little early for Halloween, but I like to get projects done ahead of time. PLUS, I got my new Black Cat 13" Cougar die cutting machine last Thursday and I just had to play with it a bit! I couldn't help myself.  Below is an image of the banner, I L-O-V-E how it turned out and can't wait to make more!

The first pendant in the banner is decorative.  To make the pendants I did a google images search for a scalloped triangle, found one that I liked and then live traced it in Adobe Illustrator.  I then size it how I wanted, saved it as an .eps file and cut it using Sign Cut and my new Cougar.   Like Buttah....  The embellishments on this are one are by Little Yellow Bicycle and Making Memories.

I alternated the patterns on the scalloped part of the pendants and then each one has a different pattern on the straight edged triangle.  In order to create the folded paper medallions behind the letters, I cut two strips of 1.75" by 12" and scored them at 3/8 of an inch intervals.  I folded on the score marks and glued the ends of the paper together.  Then I flattened it onto the pendant and used a hot glue gun to hold it in place.  You could create these medallions on a non stick surface and let it dry and have them made ahead of time if you would like.  I did need to hold the paper into position for a minute or two until it dried.

All the papers are by Echo Park with a little bit of My Little Bicycle, except for the letters.  Those are done in Bazzill Black Tie paper that has the slight shimmer to it.   As you can see in the image below I popped up the letters a bit to get them to stand out.

I love the patterns and colors of these papers.

All of the embellishments on this one are by Little Yellow Bicycle.  I used a small piece of embroidery floss for the "web" coming down with the spider.

That is my first big project with my new die cutting machine.  It was SO fun to make it and I love all the possibilities this machine has.  I can't wait to create more to show to you!

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Lori Hamann said...

Love it Melissa!! Looks like it was a blast to make!!!